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You can convert any date to ancient Attic (Athenian) from proleptic Julian 16/7/812 BC until Gregorian 31/12/25000 AD/ to Hebrew from proleptic Julian 7/10/3761 BC until Gregorian 31/12/25000 AD/ to Hijri from O.S. (Julian) 16/7/622 AD [622 AD = 1 AH - year 1 of Hegira] / to Coptic from O.S. (Julian) 29/8/284 AD [284 AD = year 1 of Era of Martyrs]/ to Ethiopian from O.S. (Julian) 29/8/8 AD [8 AD = year 1 of Mercy (Amätä Məhrät) / to Persian - Afghan Pastu - Kurdish from O.S. (Julian) 19/3/622 AD - N.S. (proleptic Gregorian) 22/3/622 AD / to Armenian from O.S. (Julian) 11/3/552 AD / to Baha'i from N.S. (Gregorian) 21/3/1844 AD / to Indian Civil from O.S. (Julian) 24/3/78 AD - N.S. (proleptic Gregorian) 22/3/78 AD [78 AD = year 0 Saka Samvat]/ to Hindu Traditonal from O.S. (proleptic Julian) 56 BC [56 BC is 1 Vikram Samvat (V.S.)]/to Japanese from 1/1/1873 AD/ to Traditional Zodiac Lunisolar Chinese from 1/1/2011 to 31/12/2030 AD/ to BS Nepali through a freely delivered algorith / to Mayan from proleptic Julian 6/9/3114 BC.
If you select a specific country, the input date refers to the calendar used in the region of the country. Thus if the date belongs to the period where the Gregorian Calendar has not yet been adopted in that country, the New Style (Gregorian) date is also given.

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